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Turnkey ecommerce solution. Start selling in minutes.

Create an online store with no programming required. Sell on social media or embed in any website.

Product Management

Simple or variable products and pricing

Product attributes and categories

Inventory Management

Ratings and Reviews

Social Selling

Easy & flexible integration with Messenger Bot for ordering, notifications and surveys

Display your store in Messenger's web view including full site functionality and payments

Automate client notifications via Messenger and Whatsapp as well as email and SMS

Suggest products in Facebook, Instagram and Messenger auto-replies

Woocommerce Integration

Link multiple woocommerce sites

Load woocommerce products as webview inside Messenger

Import woocommerce products, attributes and categories

Track Woocommerce shop activity

Contactless Ordering and In-Store Pickup

Instore contactless menu, ordering and payment using the QR Code Generator

Pickup location management

Order Management

Order confirmation messages via email, SMS, Messenger and Whatsapp

Accept and automate order taking on Messenger including on your website

Order approval system

Receipt printing via thermal printer

Multiple Stores

Create multiple stores and locations

Intergrate multiple woocommerce shops

Delivery Management

Delivery management


Coupon System

Bulk edit and schedule posts from a CSV file

Bulk post to multiple channels and accounts

Multiple Payment Gateways

Accept PayPal, Stripe, Mollie, Razorpay, Paystack, Mercado Pago, and more

Cash On Delivery

Manual and Bank Payments

Abandoned Cart

Send hourly reminders for abandoned cart

Integrate with multiple woocommerce shops

Send via email, SMS and Messenger

Advanced Reporting

Activity report, cart report and earnings summary

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