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Messenger Chat Bot AI

Increase Engagement With Automated Comments and Replies

Create an online store with no programming required. Sell on social media or embed in any website.

Facebook Auto-Comment

Auto Comment on Page Post as Page

One-time & Periodic Comment

Serial & Random Periodic Comment

Auto Comment Template Management

Emoji and spintax comment

Choose Time & Date Interval of Comment

Messenger Bot Connectivity

Connect to 3rd party apps like Zapier

Choose the data you want to receive

Receive data with webhooks

Works with email, phone, postback and webview events

Visual Automation Builder


Image GIF





Generic Template

Ecommerce Product

Facebook Media Template

One Time Notification


Quick Reply

New Postback


User Input Flow

Create user input flows in Messenger that prompt user to answer a series of questions

Create user input variables

Use custom fields as variables in Messenger replies

Save all input flow answers and variables

Webview Form Builder

Drag and drop webview form builder for Messenger chat bot

Embed webview URL as button click action

Process and store webview form data

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