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YouTube Manager

Take Control Of Your YouTube Presence

A complete YouTube marketing solution featuring powerful tools to grow and manage your channel.

Channel Video Comment Replies

Keyword based reply

Generic reply

Delete offensive comment

Reply same comment multiple times

Complete reporting

Comment reply template

Like/Comment YouTube Videos

Like/comment videos searching by keywords

Like/comment videos searching by channels

Daily max activity settings

Campaign expiry settings

Complete reporting

Like/comment template

Channel Subscription

Subscribe channel searching by keywords & publish date

Daily max activity settings

Campaign expiry settings

Complete reporting

Unsubscribe subscribed channels

Channel & Video Analytics

Views, comments & shares

Estimated minutes watched

Average view duration

Subscriber vs unsubscribe

Likes vs dislikes

Video added vs removed

Device type report

Operating system report

Annotation impressions

Annotation clicks and closes impressions

Annotation clicks and closes

Audience retention

Video Link Wheel

Open & closed wheel campaign

Multiple money videos

Complete reporting

Video & Playlist Manager

Channel video & playlist listing

Edit Video details

Add new playlist

Add own video to playlist or add by video search

Remove video from playlist

Delete playlist

YouTube Search Engine

Video search engine

Playlist search engine

Channel search engine

Keyword Finder

YouTube Rank Tracking

YouTube rank based on keyword

Track your or others’ videos

Day-wise rank report

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