Creating a Multimedia Facebook or Instagram Post

    1. Login to the Kwiq Digital Marketing App.
    2. From the admin menu, click the Social Posting link.
    3. Click the ‘Campaign List’ button un the Multimedia Post heading.
    4.  Click the ‘Create New Post’ button.
    5. Select the type post of type you wish to create using the tabs at the top of the form.
    6. Enter a campaign name – this is for internal purposes only.
    7. Type your message in the ‘Message’ field.
    8. If you selected a link post type, enter the complete URL of the link in the ‘Paste link’ field.
    9. If you selected an image post type, enter the URL of the image or use the ‘Upload’ button to upload an image.
    10. If you selected a video post type,  enter the URL or upload a video and thumbnail image.
    11. Select the pages and/or groups you wish to publish this post to using the ‘Post to pages’ field.
    12. If posting to a page, you can optionally select an auto reply template from the adjacent field.
    13. If posting now, click the ‘Create Campaign’ button to publish the post.
    14. If scheduling the post for later publication, toggle the ‘Posting time’ field to access the scheduling tools. You can optionally choose to automatically repost by specifying the number of times to repost in the ‘Repost this post’ field and selecting the reposting time interval from the adjacent field.
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